creating art & products to inspire

It is no secret the world can be overwhelmingly negative and hateful. Often times that energy receives the most attention and can weigh heavy on the mind. While internalizing this reality a seed was planted and blossomed Kp Inspires, a illustration brand that focuses on amplifying messages of encouragement to give love and inspire positive thinking.

Kprecia Ambers, Photographed by Bre McGee, Owner of Uncommon Collaborative

Hello, my name is Kprecia Ambers, I am an artist and owner of Kp Inspires Illustration brand. I love creating digital art and products as a form of communication to give love, amplify stories, celebrate diversity and Black representation. My favorite part of creating is seeing my work out in the world and collaborating with people to further inspire and encourage others. I am exited to explore the limitless possibilities in which illustration can be applied and would love to work with you!