Photographed by Bre McGee, Uncommon Collaborative!


Kp Inspires is a digital illustration studio creating art to encourage individuals through adversity. The mission is to collaborate with businesses and explore the limitless ways in which illustration can be used to connect and inspire people. Why? Because life can simply be overwhelming and support is needed. 

As an artist, my personal work celebrates Black culture and is inspired by what I see, hear, and learn. My passion lies in turning the power of language into a visual that captivates an emotion. Using photography, I create figurative art and explore emotion through the use of vibrant colors, patterns, and body language. I strive for my work to be relatable and evoke feelings of confidence and hope. As I continue to flourish, I look forward to collaborating with others to reach and encourage individuals around the world in fun and creative ways.


Owner: Kprecia Ambers (Kp)

From: North Minneapolis, MN

Groups: AddWomxn

Loves: Photography, music, dancing, movies…anything artsy!!

Favorite Quote:There is beauty in the struggle”.

Fun Fact: My favorite color is green because I love turtles haha! I also secretly love purple! – hence my brand colors 🙂


Businesses seeking to commission or use art to push brand messaging, campaigns, products, events, or stories that support or encourage their audience.

Companies or vendors seeking art to be applied to commercial products/surfaces for profit including – Home decor, greeting cards, stationery, mugs, accessories, apparel, and much more!

Art used to support, educate, or connect with viewers through written works for profit such as: books & covers, magazines & editorial spreads, and textbooks.

Brick & Mortar, venues, or events needing art to create an experience or environment in support of their target audience or mission. This includes murals, posters/prints, art used for products in the space, and other ways imagined by the client.

Those seeking to collaborate with Kp Inspires for – donation art, giveaways, business collaborations, panel/speaking events, exhibits, and vendor opportunities.

Below are typical questions I am asked and answers to provide more understanding and comfort while working with me.

An illustrator is an artist who creates two-dimensional images for various companies and industries, such as fashion design, children’s books, magazines, medical manuals, web sites, technical designs, advertising and more. 

Purpose driven businesses and vendors seeking to use art to encourage, educate, support, connect, or celebrate their audience. Client aligns with Kp Inspires ethics.

Currently Kp Inspires uses a licensing model to price out each project. The following lists considerations and information typically needed to price out a project.

  • License & Usage of Artwork
    • Exclusive ( Art only used by client) OR Non-Exclusive (art open to be sourced/used by another client)
    • Usage Applications in which art will be used/shown/placed
    • Territory Where the artwork will show/be displayed (worldwide/online, nationwide, in-state)
    • Duration The period of time in which the artwork is needed or used (specific days/months/years, In perpetuity (no time restrictions), Ownership (artists gives up rights to artwork)
    • Time demanded Amount of time needed for project to be completed
    • Business Size (start up, small, medium, large)


Consultation & Negotiation: Designer and client discuss project details, quote / project estimate, negotiation, contract, and payment (invoiced). Typically a 50% deposit is required before the start of a project.

Design Process: Designer gathers all needed materials and research to brainstorm and present concepts (2 max) to client.

Drafting: Digital illustration creation (sketch, color, finalize) | feedback – 3 revision rounds given.

Completion: Final packaged and sent requested file along with invoice of final payment (if applicable).

Allow 2-3 weeks on average to account for revision and design time. This could be longer or shorter depending on the project needs.

  • Respect: Illustrator & Client respects one another, time, and abilities
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility & communicating
  • Integrity: Being honest about work and ownership
  • Teamwork/collaborative: It is imperative to know the designer and client work together to bring the vision to life. This requires the client taking time to think over the direction or idea of their project and the designer listening & doing research to translate and create the visual.  
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Kp Inspires works with companies who value and respect diversity and inclusion.