Kprecia Ambers is an artist from Minneapolis, MN and the owner of Kp Inspires illustration studio. She creates digital art to support brands and messaging that strive to educate, encourage and celebrate people. Kprecia is known for her vibrant figurative work and has partnered to create for a range of applications including book covers, billboards, ad campaigns, prints, packaging, and home decor items. Her art marries words into visuals that strive to evoke feelings of hope, confidence, and joy. She has a passion for learning Black History and using art as a medium to celebrate Black culture. Her inspiration reflects her life experiences and the lessons she learns from people and their unique stories. It inspires her to create and opens her mind to new perspectives and wisdom. Kprecia’s mission overall is to use the power of illustration and collaboration to break away from narratives of perfection and inspire love. She is most excited to see her art being used to inspire and empower people.


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