It is no secret the world can be overwhelmingly negative and hateful. Often times that energy receives the most attention and can weigh heavy on the mind. While internalizing this reality a seed was planted and blossomed Kp Inspires, a company that focuses on the opposite of the world- seeking to give love and encouragement.

My name is Kprecia Ambers (Kp) and I am an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota and owner of Kp Inspires. I create digital illustrations as a way to celebrate diversity, educate, and amplify stories of encouragement. I’ve collaborated and created digital art for packaging, home decor products, books, and advertising. My favorite part is seeing my are used out in the world for good!

As an artist, I love using photography to create illustrations as a form to connect with people. My work is minimal, combining the use of vibrant colors, movement, and portraits to speak to people and evoke emotions of joy, hope, and confidence. I’m inspired by what I learn. It is in learning history and listening to the unique lived experiences of others that opens my mind to new perspective, understanding, and wisdom. I have a passion for growing in relationship with God, learning Black history, dancing, photography, music, and all things creative. In building Kp Inspires my mission is to breakaway from narratives of perfection and give love to inspire positive change. “The world is my canvas and I am ready to paint it Kp style.”

Inspired by my mother, who went to school for computer science, I initially attended Concordia University of Saint Paul In 2011 with a goal to major in Web Design. While in attendance I was introduced to a field called Graphic Design. I had never heard of it then, but I fell in love with using art and language as a form of communication to connect with consumers and spread love. By my senior year and upon graduating in 2015 my heart was set on creating digital art and patterns for home decor items. I didn’t know what I was going to make, but I truly I desired to give love and humanize people. Making art for the home – pillows, canvas, journals, blankets, etc. Items that made people feel safe, loved, celebrated and grounded in their home.

By 2018 I began selling pillows and was determined to take control over my own career and be the example I desired to see. Coming from Graphic Design it didn’t take me long to realize just how much representation was needed as designers of color were not being acknowledged. That discouraged me, but became the fire I needed to build my own business and represent my people. The industry has since become a lot more diverse and I’m genuinely happy to be a contributing member of that space. My career has expanded from selling products only meant for the home into freelance illustration. It’s been fun partnering with clients to support and amplify their visions. I am excited to continue exploring illustration beyond a canvas and putting good out into the world.

Whether working with clients or navigating the world I stand by these values!

Respect – Both parties are receptive to acknowledging one another with dignity.

Collaboration – listening to one another and sharing ideas

Open Minded – Seeing, listening, and hearing new perspectives

Authentic – Safe space & transparency for individuals to be their self and speak freely.