Hello, my name is Kprecia Ambers, I am an artist and owner of Kp Inspires illustration brand. My art centers celebrating Black representation and amplifying stories to give love and inspire positive thinking. I use language, photography, and color to create my digital work and evoke feelings of joy, hope, and confidence. I’m known for my vibrant portraits and enjoy seeing my work on products and collaborating with others to make a positive impact in the world. I have had the pleasure of creating digital art for home decor items, stationery, books, packaging, advertising, campaigns and I hope for so much more.

Life experiences, learning history, asking questions, and listening to others share their stories truly inspires me. It opens my mind to new perspective and new gained wisdom. When I am not creating I love growing in relationship with God, watching movies, hanging with loved ones, dancing, taking photos, and pretty much enjoy all things creative. In building Kp Inspires my mission is to create art and products to give love and move away from societal pressures. The world can be overwhelming negative, and I look forward to collaborating with you to encourage positive change!

Inspired by my mother, who went to school for computer science, I attended Concordia University of Saint Paul, Minnesota with a goal to major in Web Design. One of the required courses was Graphic Design. I had never heard of it then, but I fell in love with the ability to use art as a form of communication to connect with consumers and spread love.

By my senior year and upon graduating in 2015 my heart was set on creating digital art and patterns for home decor items. I didn’t know how the content would look, but I truly desired to give love and see Black representation in homes and in stores around the world. Products like – pillows, canvas, journals, blankets, and surface art could be applied to. Items that made people feel safe, loved, celebrated and grounded in their space.

I explored and developed my art style while posting illustrations celebrating Black women on Instagram. By 2018, I took my art and started selling pillows online. My determination to build my own and become what I desired to see in the world took full control. Since then, my career has blossomed from selling products to also offering freelance services. It’s been fun partnering with clients to support and amplify their visions. I am excited to continue exploring illustration beyond a canvas and putting good out into the world.

Whether working with clients or navigating the world I stand by these values!

Respect – Both parties are receptive to acknowledging one another with dignity.

Collaboration – listening to one another and sharing ideas

Open Minded – Seeing, listening, and hearing new perspectives

Authentic – Safe space & transparency for individuals to be their self and speak freely.