HELLO, my name is Kprecia (ka-pre-sha). I am a full time digital illustrator and owner of Kp Inspires. My love for illustration and desire to spread love go hand and hand. It’s how I express my voice and show support. The limitless possibilities in which illustration can be used excites me. From package designs, ad campaigns, books, and more, there is no stopping the power of creativity.

My biggest inspiration comes from people, especially the stories and talents of those from African decent. It’s in seeing representation, learning their life experiences, talents, passions, and drive that inspires me. They remind me that we are human and imperfect but resilient and capable. Through illustration and storytelling I hope to share this same energy and encourage others to see the power in their stories.

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Mission Kp Inspires mission is to encourage self-love through the power of illustration and storytelling.

Vision: For individuals to see the power in their stories and walk their own path.

Self-love: Kp Inspires defines self love as a life long journey of learning to accept and embrace who we are while unlearning how we are taught to think and act.


Kp Inspires Loves working with clients and using illustration to…

  • Educate: Teach or promote change.
  • Beauty: Encourage self-love, wellness or diversity & Inclusion
  • Celebrate: Individuals/stories, culture, or history
  • Respect: Illustrator & Client respects one another, time, and abilities
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility & communicating
  • Integrity: Being honest about work and ownership
  • Teamwork/collaborative: It is imperative to know the designer and client work together to bring the vision to life. This requires the client taking time to think over the direction or idea of their project and the designer listening & doing research to translate and create the visual.  
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Kp Inspires works with companies who value and respect diversity and inclusion.


Pretty Young Queens (P.Y.Q) is a group of friends who use their super power personality strengths to celebrate and encourage self-love.

About P.Y.Q is a developing character brand created to celebrate girls and encourage self love during the early stages of development (0-12 years old). Many times children’s emotions and comprehension is overlooked, but research indicates the most important years in a child’s development is from birth to age five. The groups mission is to help introduce young girls to self love to better help build confidence as they mature. Highlighting the personality strengths of each character allows girls to connect to the characters on a deeper level than appearance and show the value in being yourself. The way we are born is what makes us special and each talent is needed to create a stronger community.

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