Kp Inspires is a freelance art studio using the power of illustration and storytelling to bring visions to life and create inspirational content. Owner and digital illustrator, Kprecia Ambers, is passionate about celebrating stories, Black Culture, and working with purpose-driven individuals to make a positive impact in the world. Through illustration Kprecia hopes to be a source of inspiration encouraging self-love to combat societal pressures.

“It’s the experiences and stories of others that inspire me. They remind me we are human and imperfect, but resilient and capable.”


There is no limit to the way illustration can be used, from inspiring books to package designs, Kp Inspires leaves the project open to fulfill your visual needs. Examples include:

  • Editorial
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Products/Packaging
  • Educational purposes
  • Site Specific/Environmental
  • Book Covers
  • Wellness/beauty
  • Respect: Illustrator & Client respects one another, time, and abilities
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility & communicating
  • Integrity: Being honest about work and ownership
  • Teamwork/collaborative: It is imperative to know the designer and client work together to bring the vision to life. This requires the client taking time to think over the direction or idea of their project and the designer listening & doing research to translate and create the visual.  
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Kp Inspires works with companies who value and respect diversity and inclusion.