Hi! My name is Kprecia (ka-pre-sha) and I am the owner of Kp Inspires! My love for illustration and positive vibes goes hand in hand. It’s how I express my voice and give back to my community. The limitless possibilities in which illustration can be used brings me so much joy! From package designs, ad campaigns, inspirational podcasts and posts, books, and more there is no stopping the power of creativity. While reaching for my dreams, my hope is to inspire those like me to build their own door to walk through.

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Mission Kp Inspires LLC is a company created to push good energy into the world through the power of illustration!

About Vibrant colors and positive messaging, Kp Inspires aims to evoke happiness and empower others. Whether it’s creating social media content, product designs, or working along side a business the mission is always to inspire. 

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Pretty Young Queens (P.Y.Q) is a group of friends who use their super power personality strengths to educate and teach girls self love.

About P.Y.Q is a developing character brand created to serve as a resource to educate and teach girls self love during the early stages of development (0-12 years old). Many times children’s emotions and comprehension is overlooked, but research indicates from birth to age three are the most important years in a child’s development. Pretty Young Queens mission is to help build confidence within young girls to better prepare them to combat societal pressures and stereotypes as they mature. Highlighting the personality strengths of each character allows girls to connect to the characters on a deeper level than appearance and show the value in being yourself. The way we are born is what makes us special and each talent is needed to create a stronger community.

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