In 2016, Bifties started out as a secret santa gift exchange with one request, all gifts must come from a business of color. After the group faced challenges meeting the request owner, Constance Panton, was inspired to create a business that made gifting and supporting businesses of color easy. In preparing to launch, Bifties seeked a vibrant illustration package wrap that represented communities of color and it’s growth.

Project Create a one-off illustration to be placed as a wrap on Bifties gift boxes.

Content Representative of communities of color and growth

Artist Thoughts The client was a fan of a previous collage piece created by Kp Inspires. Using that as inspiration, illustrations were layered on one another to give a community like feel. The diverse group of characters are looking in different directions as a representation of them looking forward while the flowers is reflective of the growth that is blossoming.

Usage Brand promotion, Gift Box

Vibe & Style Vibrant, settle, strong, unified

Color Soft & vibrant


Sources Bifties