Black History Month 19

In honor of Black History Month 2019 I paid homage to Black singers/composers, who have made major contributions to our music culture today. This project was very enriching and eye opening. Researching each artist as well as reading about the times and disadvantages they faced gave me a reality check! “Slavery (1619-1865) and segregation (1865-1960s) did not occur long ago at all. When this really sank in for me it was no longer surprising racism still exists.” A lot of what we deal with now is absolutely impacted from the past. Those who are unable to understand I suggest taking the time to read up on history. The more I lean from the past the more I understand the present.

For each artist I posted daily on Instagram sharing an illustration, a popular song, and a description of them. If you would like to learn about the artist I have paid homage to please visit my Instagram @kpinspires. :).

XoXo, Kp

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