Anti-Hate Campaign

Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth (BBA) | Poster(s) 2021

Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth and Youth Action Crew (YAC) partnered with several artist including Kp Inspires, to create posters supporting their anti-hate campaign. Their mission is to use art as a marketing material to raise awareness around hate incidences, hate crimes, being an active bystander, and providing transparency around reporting incidences.

Client  The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth is an intermediary that was created by the cities of Brooklyn  Center and Brooklyn Park to advance positive youth development.

Project Scope  3 pieces of digital art fitted for poster and social media ratios

Content  Artist Interpretation

Usage  Classroom, Specified school districts, Anti-hate promotional material and efforts

Vibe  Uplifting, Progressive, Demanding

Style & Color  minimal, bold

Sources The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth

My anti-hate posters represent the call to listen to youth voices. To me, people don’t pay attention the youth. They are saying a lot and they are fighting to be heard, but not always seen. My goal is to grab the attention of viewers through the use of bold colors, with a serious tone. The point is to stop and listen. Kids are hurting too and are calling for change and fighting against hate. The megaphone represents them shouting and the hidden words represent what they are fighting for. It also speaks to the changes we have been fighting toward for years with little change. Our voices aren’t always heard, but we will continue to speak. The leaves are becoming an artist signature of mine. It represents the growth and beauty occurring in the middle of the madness of life.