Please, answer all questions below as best you can. The more specific the better I am able to visualize and service you 🙂

Who are the illustrations for?
Please give an overview... roughly what size is the organization and what services or products are offered?
Ex: On a website, app, billboard, t-shirt design, package, logo, etc
What does the illustration(s) need to show?
Will the illustrations be used only in the US or could they be used elsewhere in the world?
How long would you like to be able to use the illustration(s) for?
Is there a particular feel you would like the illustrations to have?
Is there any of my previous work you particularly like in reference to your project? Please check out my portfolio to reference a project. If not that is okay 🙂
Do you have an existing brand or style guide that the illustrations would need to adhere to?
Are there any deadlines I should be aware of?
What is a realistic budget/investment into your project?