My Story

I graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Design and shortly found myself interested in the pattern design (which has now shifted to illustration). Being big on positive energy, home decor was a field I gravitated to. I deeply felt the home was a place that one could create their own safe space and surround themselves with items that made them feel good about who they were. My idea was to share encouragement while creating meaningful art. 

Having this want and desire to create products was a start, but I didn’t always know what I wanted to draw. I had to sit down and ask myself what I was passionate about and what messages I wanted people to perceive. As I brainstormed I thought about my love for music, positive vibes, and my desire to see myself in the world. Going into graphic design I quickly realized the lack of diversity within the field. At a point this was discouraging and felt I couldn’t find my place. Then it clicked in my mind that I could create what I desired to see and become an example to young creatives like me that their dreams are attainable. Profiting from my passions is a dream, but actually putting a smile on one’s face, giving hope, and making others feel good about the person they are is priceless.

I hope to someday see my products in stores across the world where Afrocentric women and young girls can buy products that represent them. I realize my journey is long ahead of me, but I am excited for the problems I will overcome.

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