Follow my journey! I will be sharing events and exciting news. Email me at Kprecia@Kpinspires.com if you’re interested in having me as a featured vendor.


Past announcements

Check out Customer photos from my events here!

RawArtist: Miami

Got the chance to showcase my pillows to a new crowd | Oct 2019

Fall Fashion MN Expo

New Annual Event hosted by TVP Basketball, that showcases up&coming talent in Minnesota. The events purpose is to create a space supporting those who are typically overlooked. Click here to learn about TVP Basketball! | Sept 2019

Black Fine Arts: Duluth

Black Fine Arts is a traveling gallery that visits major cities within MN. My art graced the cover on a magazine and billboard for the Duluth Art Institute advertising the gallery event. Emory Douglas (minister of Culture, Black Panther Party) was the cherry on top! Next stop is MSP Airport! | September 2019

Flow Art Crawl

Three day event celebrating the vibrant art culture of North Minneapolis. | July 2019

Women Winning

I met Maxine Waters! I was hired along with Leeya Jackson to create art as a welcoming to her MN visit. She signed my pillow oooyeaa | June 2019


Pop-up shop celebrating women-owned businesses. | June 2019


Worlds largest art show case. | May 2019

FeMNist Day

I was chosen along with three other entrepreneurs to pitch my business! Each of us walked away with prize $$ and opportunities :). | March 2019

Black Fine Art Show

Accepted as an artist in the Black Fine Art Show. A traveling gallery within the MN area | Jan 2019

RawArtist | Ovation

My first show! Largest nation wide non-profit art showcase. | Nov 2018