Finding My Illustration Style

Yesterday, I decided to face my truth and push myself to really take the time to explore my Illustration style and advance my drawing skills. I have never really admired following instruction. Instead I am the type to be at level 0 and expect level 50 work. This has held me back from becoming a better illustrator, but today that mind set will change. I visited the library and checked out five drawing books that explore color, cartoon drawing, and figurative drawing. Everyday I will devote time to practice illustrating. Along with better understanding body anatomy I will be exploring different illustration styles and paying attention to what I like. Currently these are things I notice about myself….

I love color – bright, complementary colors, and earth tones.

Space!! Yessss – Simple & clean ascetic

Flat characters and digital art! I love the smooth lines and cartoon like feel, but I struggle with picking a style that suites both my elegance and child like imagination.

I know this will be a journey! Anyone out there going through this I understand the frustration haha. Keep exploring and don’t give up.

XoXo, KP

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