After having a conversation with my bestfriend, we were faced with the question, what does growth look like for you? It’s very easy to get caught up in things your not doing. It feels like you are not growing, but every little step counts in your journey. This conversation lead to my bestfriend hosting a heart-to-heart. She opened up the floor for everyone to talk about what they wanted for their future, what they are doing/need to do to get there, and then creating a vision board. 

Besides me wanting to take care of myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically my board reflected on what growth looked like for me as a business. I took a step back away from the internet and asked my friends questions. My goal is to grow my business which to me means understanding my audience/customer. I asked them what are some of the negative stereotypes black women face and what are things they wish were taught more to them as a black girl/women. 

Their answers included being told they were loved, their natural hair is beautiful and being taught their hair doesn’t need to be straight. In relation to their responses, I filled my board up with quotes I felt that will inspire my art and products moving forward.Money is something everyone needs, but if anything I want my work to make people smile and feel proud about their purchases. It’s deeper than just a product, but something that holds value”. I hope to continue reaching black girls and women more effectively in ways that are helpful and be seen as bigger than someone selling a product. This vision board is hanging on my wall to serve as a reminder for me to stay focused. 

To anyone reading this, what does growth look like for you? If you are a black girl/women what are some things you wish you were told growing up/now?


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