FeMNist Day

Background: Hosted by @stillKickin @TheCoven @Powerof100msp and @noraborealis the second annual FeMNist Day, showcase brought together 100 people who wanted to be apart of the friends and family investor round for three up-and-coming entrepreneurs ready to take their business or idea to the next level! Each investor used their ticket valued at $100 to vote for their favorite idea to invest in.

My Experience: What began as a mistake, accidentally signing up for the wrong event, turned out to be a life changing experience. Kp Inspires was selected along with two other amazing companies to be apart of the FeMNist showcase. Each of us pitched our business ideas in hopes to gain financial means and support, in which we were all successful in doing. As scary as it is putting yourself out there and introducing your baby (business) to the world this event taught me to believe in myself. I faced so much self-doubt in the beginning failing to realize I was chosen over others for a reason. Pitching my business for the first time, gaining support, and speaking my truth has opened my eyes to new possibilities. I feel blessed to have been apart of such an amazing event and I only plan to keep pushing myself into uncomfortable spaces. Being a business owner you have to learn to leap, believe, and stay strong regardless of who maybe against you. Whatever you are doing in life follow your passions and the world will eventually catch up.

Thank you to all those who participated, supported, and put the showcase together. I look forward to being a future supporter.

XoXo, Kp


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