Over Thinker

I have always said my ability to think deeply is both a curse and a blessing. As a designer the ability to think deeply allows me to create and problem solve. While also the same blessing can cause a rush of ideas that drive me crazy.

I feel paralyzed into thought, backed with emotions of excitement or doubt. I don’t know where to start or rather an idea is worth pursuing.

My brain sends me into a flurry of emotion. One week I am confident in my choices and the next week I am reflecting on my thoughts from financial worry to decision making. Typically, when I experience this process I find just starting to be my cure, otherwise I drown in frustration. It’s a cliché that is told by many, but it truly does help. Rather it’s writing to express myself, acting out on my ideas, or drawing a girl going crazy haha it’s a release. It feels like a weight is being lifted off my shoulders.

It’s a process I go through often and every time I have to remind myself to take things one step at a time and not to get ahead of myself. Small steps have to be made in order to reach our biggest goals. It’s everything in between that counts the most. I see so much for myself and I am always trying to figure it all out, but not knowing is what faith is all about!

So note to self and whoever is reading……….

Live life

Appreciate what you have

Trust the process

And if you’re anything like me STOP OVER THINKING SO MUCH AND JUST DO IT!

XoXo, Kp

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