Pattern Class

Here is my work from my pattern class! My assignment was to make 4-7 icons and create a pattern with a color palette that is multi colored, contrasted, and settle. Along with the main print we were to create supporting patterns.

In the beginning I struggled coming up with a pattern. Focusing too much on the end result threw me off from the process. When I was able to come up with a theme (90s) it became easier to create icons and flow. I overall believe my heart pulls me more toward illustration than Textiles. Although I do admire patterns and will never completely ditch it, I find creating Illustrations I am able to capture more of the feeling I am aiming to convey/speak. Something that stood out to me in class was a comment Lindsay Nohl stated (teacher), “You have to distinguish what you like from what your good at.” There is a lot of design work I truly admire, but that does no mean I will be good at what they do. We all have styles that make us unique. As I continue exploring myself I will use tools I learned in class and focus on creating illustrations/patterns that tell a story.


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