Pollen: Work Redux

Big on empowerment I was excited for the opportunity to be attending such an inspiring event filled with amazing women and stories with my supervisor ( Rosemary Ugboajah, Neka Creative President ). Hosted by Pollen Midwest, Work Redux is an event that not only tackled the pay gap between men and women, but also gave inspiration. It dove into how we as women measure our worth not by money, but the way in which we define ourselves.

It is our duty to listen to our inner self and fight for what we deserve.

Even if that means taking time away from taking care of others and tending to our own needs. I took out so much from this experience learning statics about pay gaps, how to negotiate for my worth, taking time for myself, trusting my process, and body empowerment. More events like this should be happening. As a woman of color I feel if anything there is more competition rather than uplifting each other.  Watching for ones downfall is a waste of time, but being supportive means being apart of each others success.

XoXo, KP

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