The Mother Baby Center focused on illustrations that reflected real people to create an environment for everyone to feel welcomed and supported throughout their pregnancy.

“If you get the job, you’re ready for the challenge. If not be patient.”

In 2020 I decided to step back from selling merchandise and fully explore digital freelance illustration. I was open to trying new things and that challenge came quicker than expected when I landed an opportunity to illustrate the 2021 Ad Campaign for The Mother Baby Center (Alina Health). Although excited the workload was challenging during a time when so much was happening. In navigating how to create scenes and characters I learned the importance of self-care and gained better understanding of body positioning.

Adidas | Toronto event | 2020

In honor of Women’s International Day, Adidas Toronto, threw an event recognizing five woman re-imagining what fitness looks like. Illustrations were displayed on posters during the event at an Adidas store.

“I am going international!”

Okay, I didn’t really but that was my initial thoughts. I was just super excited to be illustrating for a Internationally known brand, for a city outside the United States, and honor women. The pressure was real, but taking time to really capture details and keep my illustration layers organized was key to my success. I also got better at using the gradient tool and discovering the power in clip masking.


Lexington Writing Firm desired to display a team photo on their website, but with remote team members that desire wasn’t necessarily easy. In response they had each member illustrated individually and put together as a team photo. Brand colors were used to create consistency and unity.

“I love portrait illustrations!”

Whenever I get business projects that require me to recreate a particular person I find it relaxing and fun. In a way I feel like I am getting a chance to celebrate and honor people. I loved working within the brand color palette and using the power of illustration to creatively solve issues. My challenge was balancing negative spaces. By flipping illustrations and adding extending apparel allowed more opportunity to play with placement.

Blue cross blue shield | ad campaign | 2021

In support of their Health Equity Campaign Blue Cross Blue Shield, requested three collages that reflected Minnesotans and different regions they hope to reach. The Campaign seeks to bring awareness to the health disparities caused by generations of Racism.

“Nothing is never as simple as it seems 🙂.”

I am not new to creating collage work, but for something that seemed simple it turned out to be challenging. With the assistance of research, character development and color palette came naturally. It wasn’t until I got to the layout where I faced challenges. Covering negative space, avoiding color clashes, over lapping, and creating various sizes were all new lessons I had to get through to complete this project. My lesson was in learning to better use the clipping tool and tips on how to approach similar projects.

lake street | annual report | 2021

Lake Street City Council, looked to add some color to their annual report by adding illustrations that highlight local businesses.

A Way of Giving Back

After the murder of George Floyd the city of Minneapolis was burning in pain. Much of the Lake street community was effected aside from the emotional stress many was and continue to carry. It felt great to contribute toward celebrating local businesses who continue to find creative ways to thrive.

Maxine waters | EVENT ILLUSTRATIONS | 2019

Women Winning & The Coven, collaborated with me and Leeya Jackson (Art Director, Illustrator) to create art that welcomed Maxine Waters to the 37th Annual Luncheon event. Leeya created beautiful posters and I assisted in featuring my pillow art.

What an amazing event!”

It was such a blessing to work along side empowering women, be around them, and meeting someone who is making an impact around the world. I will be the first to say I don’t have a deep understanding of the political world, but Aunty Maxine’s fearless attitude is truly admirable. Her presence demands attention.


Prepping for her 2nd Art in Many Forms, Precious Wallace (owner, Graphic Designer), reached out to have illustrations of the panel created and used for the event.

One of my favorite projects.”

I was able to approach this project from my perspective as an artist and that’s what made it so fun. For each speaker I took the time to explore their art forms and get a feel for their personalities. This is what inspired the choice of images, colors, and patterns. I enjoyed learning about each and admire their gifts.

unsung hero awards | pollen | 2020

Helping to push the stories of four selfless individuals recognized by the McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Pollen collaborated with me for portrait illustrations and other amazing creatives to bring a piece together. Click here to learn about each hero!


“I have loved Pollen since being introduced to them.”

Pollen Midwest has definitely been an organization I have been waiting to collab with. They focus on telling the stories of various individuals and often work with freelance writers, artists, and more. The organization falls right in line with work I admire and they are always looking for ways to give back, educate, and support locals. It was fun creating portrait illustrations in honor of amazing people.

words unburden me | book cover | 2020

Words Unburden Me, published by Wise Ink, is a collection of writings by ninth-grade English Language Learners from South High in Minneapolis, Mn. The request was for the covers to be serious yet playful and vibrant. Purchase here!

“Your voice truly matters”

This is something I thought about as I worked. Each student shared their voice and a piece of themselves with the world. There is so much power in that because it provides a new perspective and way of thinking. I focused on centering a theme that emphasized the power of words and writing. My biggest challenge was placing type, as this is not my strongest suite. Creating a theme and aiming to tell a story in one piece helped me bring the front and back covers together.

celebrating the sistas | book illustrations | 2020

Commissioned by Strive Publishing, portrait illustrations were created to celebrate and share the stories of local Minnesota African American Woman making a difference in their community. The book is a written legacy for children! Buy & learn more here.

As someone who finds representation to be extremely important it was an honor illustrating these ladies.”

Depending on your community sometimes it can be hard knowing people and opportunities that are accessible to you, which is why books like Celebrating the Sistas, is needed! They are living examples of the different careers children can choose and be inspired from. As someone who finds representation to be extremely important it was an honor illustrating these ladies, learning about their stories, and expanding my illustration skills.


Bifties focuses on curating gift boxes that support black owned businesses and artist while making gifting easy. The owner aimed for her package design to reflect and celebrate black communities and the growth of black businesses.

“My first commissioned piece, oh My”

When I got out of college I didn’t exactly know what I would design, but  I knew I was going to own and sell products centered toward encouraging others. Freelance wasn’t apart of my dream, but when Bifties reached out I felt I should allow myself to explore. Quickly I learned about contracts, utilized client desires, and researched the brand to create illustration designs. The plants represent growth and the figures represent the expansion of black businesses. As my first paid project I am proud of this piece. It changed my perspective of freelance work and I realized I can control who I work with.