Racism: a health crisis

Blue Cross Blue Shield | Campaign Art 2021

Recognizing the impact of systemic racism on Minnesotans physical and mental well being Blue Cross created the campaign, Racism is a Health Crisis. The company addresses how privilege and power have created imbalance and inequalities. In support of their mission to encourage businesses and individuals to help dismantle racism and health equity, Kp Inspires was asked to create collages. Each of the layouts symbolize different communities, diversity, and interlocking closeness of everyone looking forward and working together for quality health care.

Client: Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a personalized approach to healthcare based on the needs of local communities, while providing nationwide coverage.

Project Scope: Create three collage layouts representing different communities in Minnesota. 3 areas reflected – urban, suburban, and rural.

Vibe / Style: Inspiring, One unit – looking forward together, diverse, vibrant & colorful

Usage: Social, Print, Media, Advertising

Sources: Students Art Blog | Racism A Health Crisis


Urban city inspired layout

Suburban inspired layout

Rural area inspired


Since the launch of their campaign, BlueCross Blueshield has expanded the project by partnering with MIA to create a Art Exhibit. The two organizations partnered with local high schools and professional artists in the community, including Kprecia AmbersJuan LuceroNancy Ariza, and Akiko Ostlund. High school students from North High School, Como High School and Minnesota Transitions Charter School will participate in professional artist-led virtual workshops focusing on idea generation, materials and technique, individual artmaking, and group collaboration. Together, we will co-vision, co-develop and co-create a print poster campaign and public art exhibition of racial and health equity-themed artworks.