RAWArtist: Ovation

RAWArtist is the nations largest showcase in the world. They help and promote so many artist, which is why it was an honor being selected and invited to the show!

I launched my business in September 2018, and shortly was invited as a participant in November. I displayed eight pillows and sold six at the event and two online. It was my first showcase and taste at getting paid from doing something I loved. Since the show I have been inspired to become a vendor and entering art shows. These are things I didn’t consider much before.

With that being said go with the flow, follow your heart, and be open to new opportunity even if you don’t feel 100% ready. I literally rushed to get all my items ordered and reached out to family for financial support. I was intimidated by not only the cost, but the pressure to sell 20 tickets in exchange for my booth cost. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but the event turned out amazing and the pressure to get ticket sells = guaranteed support from loved ones.

XoXo, Kp

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