reclaiming with maxine


Celebrating the 37th annual Luncheon event, Women Winning and The Coven, invited Kp Inspires along with Art Director and illustrator Leeya Jackson to create art pieces that welcomed guest speaker Maxine Waters.

Client Women Winning elects pro-choice women to public office throughout Minnesota. Since 1982 they have more than doubled the number of pro-choice women Mayors. They aim to encourage, promote, support and elect pro-choice women of all political parties to all levels of public office.

Content Artist Interpretation

Artist Approach | Maxine Waters presence and voice demands one of respect and attention. The illustrations, words, and patterns created are inspired by her power, compassion, and voice to make a change in our systems.

Vibe & Style Soft, Bold, Powerful

Usage Print (Posters & Pillows) | Artist given creative freedom to create and print art in medium of choice to present during event.

Sources Women Winning, The Coven, Leeya Jackson (Art Director, Illustator, CEO of Noisemaker)