Words unburden me

wise ink | student book cover

Wise Ink is a creative Publishing agency for game-changers. They have helped more than four hundred authors bring their ideas from manuscript to print.

In YABP (Young Authors’ Book Project ), classroom teachers, school staff, volunteers, guest artists, and 826 MSP staff support students in the creative process of writing original works around a theme. Illustrators, designers, publishers, and printers collaborate with students to create a professionally published anthology each school year. During the unrestful 2019-20 school year, YABP and Wise Ink partnered with Kp Inspires to create a book cover illustration. For Words Unburden Me, is a collection of writings from three classes of ninth-grade English Language Learners at South High School. They worked to create and write about themes of identity, heritage, historical trauma, and much more. While creating the cover the students requested the art be series yet vibrant and playful.


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